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Unixb4coffee has been a Linux user, programmer, and administrator since the release of kernel version 0.96, and has written about Linux on the Internet and in the computer trade press.

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    Iwicon: A Handy Wireless Signal Strength Gauge for Linux Desktops

    3 years ago

    The program, "iwicon," is an easy and useful introduction to the Linux wireless driver and the sometimes involved subject of networking with Linux.

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    Linux for Users: A GUI Progress Bar for Shell Scripts

    12 months ago

    A progress bar window is part of many programs that take a long time to complete their tasks. This progress bar works with the shell and can monitor the progress of many different types of tasks and is one of several...

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    Linux for Users: Notes on Your Desktop

    12 months ago

    Wnotes are small, self-contained scratch pads that sit in the corner of a computer's desktop and are handy whenever you need to type, cut, paste, import or save useful bits of text.

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    Linux for Users: Keeping Time with NTP

    3 years ago

    The Network Time Protocol is a service that many users don't think they'll ever need. But keeping accurate time with this convenient and easy to configure network service can save you many headaches later on.

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    Linux for Users: GUI Dialogs for Shell Scripts

    2 years ago

    Everyone who has typed more than a simple command at the Linux shell prompt occasionally wants a better user interface for shell scripts. These GUI dialog boxes are self contained and convenient to use in shell...

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